Life Strategies Coaching

Life Strategies Coaching

Are you living life as fully and productively as you desire to be?  Do you have goals you have set for yourself from year to year, with little or no progress?  Are you getting the best out of life, or is life getting the best out of you?  Life Strategies Coaching is a resource for anyone contemplating significant life goals, and who is ready to make changes for the better.


Life Strategies Coaching helps you to identify resources, strengths, and opportunities and minimize wasted time and effort.  Let's face it, you know where you want to go, you're committed to a specific outcome, and you would benefit from having an experienced guide to walk with you on your journey.  If it's important to you, it's worth the effort.  Friends and relatives often have preconceptions which may prove to be a challenge in getting them to listen objectively without judging your ideas and ambitions. 


Life Strategies Coaching is founded on the premise that you have all the resources (and answers) you need, a coach is an experienced facilitator, attentive to your needs, and available to guide you through the exploration and application of your strengths. 


Coaching sessions may be facilitated either in person, by phone, and two-way video via Skype or FaceTime.  Sessions can last up to 60 minutes in length, and focus on making progress toward an identified goal which the coach and client agree to work toward.  Our confidential coaching sessions may be conveniently scheduled as early as 7am, or as late as 7pm, and may be arranged via phone or email.  A confirmation is necessary prior to your scheduled appointment. 


Introductory Consultation                              No Charge


3 Session Package                                          $180


5 Session Package                                          $275


10 Session Package                                        $500