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What we do

Mission:  We strive for the enhancement of personal growth and the promotion of human potential toward the ultimate aim of creating healthier communities and a better world

We are based in Central Maryland, but travel across the country, spreading a message of strength through discipline, character development, and a commitment to personal excellence.

  • We seek to maximize human potential by helping others see opportunity amidst life's challenges. 
  • We seek to maximize human potential by encouraging intensive self-examination and personal goal-setting. 
  • We believe that every individual has varied levels of motivation and internal drive, and as such, do not advocate a single theory or philosophical approach
Insightful Thoughts:

“You don't lead by pointing and telling people some place to go.  You lead by going to that place and making a case."                                 -Ken Kesey



Discipline is the key to living life one day at a time. Those who live without discipline die without dignity.  Maintaining focus requires that you exert so much self-control that no-one and nothing can distract or deter you from reaching your goals.  A critical part of discipline is establishing a routine consistent with your desired goals in life.  Your routine will help you develop focus, and focus is a prerequisite for success in anything you do

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